Employment Law

Employment Discrimination

Our Pittsburgh employment discrimination lawyers represent employees who have suffered illegal, prejudicial treatment, or harassment at work. Our attorneys have litigated and resolved employment discrimination cases against many of the largest employ… Read More

Sexual Harassment

No one should have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace. Not only can it leave you feeling violated, humiliated, and distressed, but it can also affect your ability to carry out your employment duties. Unfortunately, some people wrongly blame… Read More

Severance Agreements

Severance agreements are contracts entered into with an employer that specifies compensation when an employee is terminated. They are commonly offered to an employee in exchange for releasing the employer from liability for any legal claims against t… Read More

Unemployment Compensation

Pittsburgh unemployment compensation lawyer John Stember has represented thousands of individuals in unemployment compensation (UC) referee hearings throughout Western Pennsylvania. John Stember has served as an adjunct professor for unemployment com… Read More

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was enacted in 1993 to help accommodate the needs of employees and their families for time off due to illness or childbirth. Eligible employees of covered employers are entitled to take unpaid, job-protected le… Read More

Non-Compete and Restrictive Covenants

Pennsylvania employees whose jobs involve some aspect of trade secrets and confidential or proprietary business information are increasingly subject to “restrictive covenants” as a condition of employment. These can include confidentiality agreem… Read More

Whistleblower Attorneys Retaliation Claims

Some employers may not always follow the state and federal laws that are in place to protect workers or prevent misuse of government funds. In these cases, whistleblowers can play an important role in holding employers accountable for their wrongful… Read More

Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank & False Claims Act/Qui Tam Actions

Whistleblowers in various industries — including the financial sector — have significant protections under federal law. If you have reason to believe your company has been engaging in financial fraud, securities law violations, or other misconduc… Read More

Public Employees

Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling offers legal representation to federal government employees, including equal employment opportunity (EEOC) cases, appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and federal court actions based on violations of t… Read More

Wage and Hour Violations

Holding Your Employer Accountable You work hard to earn a living and deserve to be compensated fairly. If your employer has not paid you for the work you have done, pays you less than minimum wage, or refuses to pay you overtime, they may be in wage… Read More

Employee Benefits


The Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that protects private sector employees’ rights to pension, retirement, health care benefits, short-term and long-term disability, and in some cases, severance and other fringe… Read More

Pensions Lawyer

Your pension is crucial to help ensure you are financially secure once you have retired and are no longer part of the workforce. However, pension disputes can sometimes occur between a retiree and their previous employer. While you worked hard throug… Read More

Class Action

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or several persons sue on behalf of a group of people. These types of legal actions are commonly brought when an employer’s practices adversely impact a large number of employees, causing them to suf… Read More

Labor Law

Protecting the Rights of Workers in Western Pennsylvania Labor unions can be critical to ensuring safe workplace conditions, fair pay, and job security for workers. While every worker should have these vital protections, reaching an agreement with an… Read More