Get Started — Taking the First Steps to Resolve Your Employment Issue

Working with a Pittsburgh Employment Law Attorney

At Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling LLC, we know that facing a legal matter can be stressful and overwhelming. We have designed a streamlined intake process to help you get started. Our client intake process allows you — the prospective client — and our attorneys to understand your potential case and the possible avenues for legal action or other means of redress. All information you provide, starting with your initial contact, is strictly confidential.

Making the Initial Client Contact

Individuals who are interested in retaining Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling to represent them for their legal matter may contact the firm by telephone, email, or by filling out the contact us form on this website. Our staff will collect basic details from you, such as your contact information, the employer involved in your situation, and a brief statement about why you are contacting us. One of our attorneys will then review the information collected and respond as soon as possible. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

If your situation is urgent, our staff will attempt to have a Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling attorney take the call immediately. Based on the initial phone conversation, the Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling attorney will discuss whether an in-person consultation is appropriate in your situation.

Understanding Attorneys’ Fees

Many people might hesitate to contact an attorney because they are concerned about the fees involved in resolving their legal matter. At Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling, we provide a variety of manageable fee arrangements. Our fee structures range from pure contingency (our fees come out of any compensation recovered) to hourly fee arrangements — or a combination of these two.

We generally charge a flat rate for in-depth consultations. However, we may waive our fee in certain circumstances and cases, including matters involving sexual harassment. Fee arrangements and services after the initial consultation vary and will be discussed during the consultation.

For your convenience, we accept payment by check, credit card, or cash.

Entering into a Retainer Agreement

If we mutually decide after the initial consultation that Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling will represent you, we will enter into a retainer agreement that specifies the fee arrangement and any retainer funds required of you. The retainer agreement will also explain our mutual obligations as attorney and client — as well as outline the scope of our legal representation.

Contact a Pittsburgh Employment Law Attorney

No one should be subjected to wrongful or illegal actions in the workplace. If your employer violated your legal rights as an employee, it might be necessary to take legal action. Offering practical counsel and unrelenting representation, the attorneys at Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling LLC can help ensure you obtain the compensation and fair treatment you deserve. Call (412) 338-1445 or contact us to schedule a no-fee, initial conversation to learn how we can assist you with resolving your case.