Overview of Our Pittsburgh Employment Law Firm

Client-Focused and Results-Oriented

Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling LLC is a downtown Pittsburgh law firm concentrating solely in employment law and employee rights. Our employee rights advocates diligently represent professionals, unions, and workers in a variety of workplace issues — including employment, labor, and employee benefits matters. Because we are dedicated to upholding the rights of workers, we do not represent employers.

Managing partner, Attorney John Stember has represented employees and unions in Western Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. Attorney Jonathan Cohn has concentrated on advocating for employee rights since moving to Pittsburgh in 2004. Attorney Maureen Davidson-Welling has focused her practice on employment law for more than 15 years. Together, they founded Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling, a boutique law practice devoted to protecting the rights of employees.

In addition to earning a well-deserved reputation among our clients, we are recognized in the Pittsburgh legal community for our skill and tenacity. One federal court judge recently observed that our lawyers “more than held their own against some of the most experienced lawyers the local United States Attorney’s Office has to offer” and against lawyers from the D.C. Department of Justice “at the top of their profession,” while “navigating a plethora of twists and turns of highly sophisticated legal issues….”

As advocates for employee rights, our attorneys work tirelessly to defend and advance fairness in the workplace. With a commitment to providing high-quality legal services to employees who have been subjected to workplace harassment or retaliation, deprived of their wages, and denied their pensions, we know what it takes to stand up against large companies — and succeed.

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If you were subjected to wrongful conduct in the workplace, it’s crucial to have legal counsel who can fight for your rights. Offering the sophisticated capabilities of a large firm and the personalized attention that only a boutique firm can provide, Stember Cohn & Davidson-Welling LLC strives to ensure clients obtain the monetary recovery they deserve. Call (412) 338-1445 or contact us to schedule a no-fee, introductory conversation to learn how we can help you.